Safety develops wallets and hopes to become the organization to connect and develop the large user community for Safepal in Asia with Safepal's code compliance and marketing affiliate program.
Economically: Major banks & financial institutions currently hold the largest financial transaction networks in the world. However, billions of users In the network do not enjoy the economic benefits obtained by the networks at all, the value of these financial trading networks is only beneficial to the owners. A decentralized ownership mechanism (Decentralized) and distribution of benefits directly to the community on a global scale were completely impossible before when Blockchain technologies and applications were not born. Thanks to the superiority of Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrency on Blockchain platforms, allowing financial transparency and automating the distribution of benefits by stipulating principles and rates through initial design. And obviously, people have a desire to move towards an economy with a fairer distribution of benefits for the participants in creating the value of that business.
Socially: People are increasingly dependent on the internet. This means that the risk of personal information being stolen or personal information on financial trading platforms used for other purposes is completely possible. Furthermore, the greatest value of any platform is the user, but currently, the user does not have the right to express opinions or change the decisions of the platform developers that may affect communities and has no right to protect the values that the user community has created. Therefore, a new organizational model and a new mechanism are needed to give decision rights to users and communities. To do so, the system must be open-sourced so that the community can monitor and control policy compliance, accurate and independent voting systems that allow stakeholders to decide on important issues of the community.
From an investor's perspective: For the centralized model, it requires a large initial investment and a long time to develop users and community. This is a big risk for traditional investors. Smart contract and Cryptocurrency application enables global crowdfunding but guarantees commitment to token holders by smart-contract, which splits investor risk. The automatic sharing of benefits and rewards (fees) of Cryptocurrency allows users to easily receive rewards regardless of geography, time, and local restrictions.
About market opportunities: Investment & financial trading platforms are still a place where people buy and sell, exchange assets, invest & profit, seek income & other added values. However, people will tend to participate in platforms that are superior, more secure, and have clear benefit-sharing mechanisms.