Safety aims at a multi-network SFT ecosystem that revolves around and resonates with the growth of Safepal, a multi-network wallet that offers a new experience that is suitable for the majority of users, creates sustainable community value and shares Unlimited revenue sharing, more transparency & security.
Decentralized Leverage:
Safepal is a digital asset management platform invested by Binance for storing and trading Blockchain multi-network cryptocurrencies. In just a short time of launch, Safepal's capitalization has reached 150 million USD and more than 500 thousand wallet accounts are set up. Thanks to that, Safety has a pretty big competitive opportunity in the market and quickly spreads to users.
Our advantages of implementing against the Binance platform:
Binance is the leading cryptocurrency exchange today with more than 20 million users worldwide. Binance has a market capitalization of more than $67 billion, ranked 4th on Coinmarketcap (the number 1 reputable cryptocurrency market information website today).
Binance has headquarters in 40 countries and nearly 200 countries have users at the Binance exchange.
BSC network with outstanding features such as low cost, stable network, high accuracy, safety and absolute security has become a destination, attracting thousands of projects, creating a community on the extremely large and diverse BSC ecosystem. => Binance and the BSC network already have an extremely large community, a quality platform for Safety to inherit and take advantage of to build and develop. Our advantages of relying on Safepal:
Safepal is the first hardware wallet company invested by Binance.
Safepal supports 22 blockchain platforms and 20000+ tokens, unlimited cryptocurrency storage, all in one device.
Safepal has a software wallet that can be used on electronic devices, a friendly and easy-to-use interface, users can download the app on their phones, create wallets and manage and store their digital assets on many different networks. Safepal has a large, diverse community from 22 blockchain platforms that are a huge source of database and potential customers for Safety.