Overcoming the technological limitation between Blockchains:
  • As more and more Blockchains are developed, the needs of users are also higher, requiring a platform that can work across multiple networks and securely store digital assets.
  • Safety is proud to be a unit developed integrated on Safepal, so all those problems can be easily solved.
  • Eliminate complicated joining steps, limit risks: Safety is a completely decentralized development technology platform, so users can eliminate the complicated steps of joining. Transaction speed is promoted, assets are stored securely and personal information is secure.


Organizations working to build strong Blockchain network - Catching up with the trend of Dapp development on multi-network wallets:
Currently, there are hundreds of Blockchain networks that have been and are being developed by organizations showing the potential and cash flow is gradually being pushed into this field.
Safety is proud to be one of the elite units with the expectation of developing Dapp on multi-network wallets like Safepal.
Market positioning:
Rely on the value of Safepal to grow the user community quickly
Safepal has always encouraged developers to build an ecosystem around them through its business development programs.
Safepal also has prominent and well-established commercial partners in the market such as PancakeSwap or Rarible...
Safety can fully rely on the diverse ecosystem around Safepal and that large community to grow faster.

Leverage development

Easy experience on just one platform connecting the entire Blockchain network thanks to Safepal e-wallet
One of the biggest obstacles for users when participating in cryptocurrency is that there are more and more Blockchains, and each time joining the Blockchain requires a compatible cryptocurrency wallet thus reducing the accessibility. approaching and causing difficulties for the community.
At Safety, users only need to use one wallet, Safepal, and can freely transfer their digital assets across different Blockchains.

Core Values

Safety always ensures 4 core values:
Community (Community): The foundation of the community and managed by the community, developed, benefited and valued.
Sft-development: Providing the infrastructure and principles for development, the development will be entirely by the members themselves through content contribution and interaction on the system.
Sustainable: ensure sustainable development through consensus and voting mechanism.