Revenue structu

Legal and advisor (5%):
Is the cost to pay for all kinds of costs related to the legal and administrative implementation of project construction and project after selling seed sale.
Marketing (15%).
It is the cost to carry out marketing and community development activities.
Platform Operation (10%):
It is the cost to organize the operation and implementation of the Safety system platform
Human resources and product development (40%):
It is the cost to organize human resources and implement product development.
Market development (10%):
It is the cost paid to the project implementation team, including the founders of the team and the project implementation team and the partners who directly support the project implementation.
Partners (5%):
Is the cost paid to the team of consultants and project consultants during Sales and project implementation?
Financial Optimization & Price Stabilization Fund (15%).
This fund will not be used in the short term to price SFT TOKEN