Protocol It is completely impossible to investigate the identity, or does not have any public elements of user information. Safety Protocol Can't be deleted or stopped, it's written on BSC's platform smart contract, once deployed, you can't upgrade or change the values. Only some pre-set increment and decrement factors can be configured. The creators of the SafetySFTine rules also don't have any control over users' personal assets like traditional platforms do.
As for tokens, Safety has no control over the BSC net token contracts that are set BSC trigger the Safetyliquidity pool, or the Deposit pool. If a token is centralized (e.g.: USDC) blacklist an address or freeze all transfers, that will affect all USDC tokens everywhere, including the Bep20 Safetyliquidity pool ones.
The rules set in Safetypools are by default completely non-deletable.