Manage crypto assets at your fingertips

· Download the SafePal app
· Crypto asset management at your fingertips
· Current version: iOS 2.7.1 | Android 2.7.1
· One interface to manage all wallets
· Manage hardware wallets, software wallets, transaction wallets all in one place
· Store your coins in different wallets to reduce the risk of seed leakage
· Create or import software wallets in flexible ways
· Mnemonic Phrase Private Keystore Observe Public Address
· Buy, swap and trade crypto assets at your fingertips
· Buy crypto using credit card, bank account, iDEAL, Bancontact, EPS, Giropay and Sofortbanking
· Swap and exchange one cryptocurrency for any other instantly
· Access your favorite Dapp in just one click
· Integrated with the most popular Dapps on Ethereum, Tron and Binance Smart Chains
· Bookmark your favorite Dapps with just one click
· Add your Dapp to the overlay for convenient access

Features of SafePal S1 ví wallet


· To scan: To pair with the SafePal App or sign transactions.
· Asset Management: To view existing tokens in your Application. (Please note that the S1 wallet will not automatically sync from the App. If a user adds/removes tokens in the App, the S1 wallet will have to sign a transaction of this added/removed token to update the list of assets in it. )
· Signing history: To view all 'submitted' signing history. (For receipt history, please check the App for specifics.)
· Setting: To customize settings, including sleep time, auto-off settings, language, change PIN, reset wallet, upgrade firmware, etc.

Why is SafePal S1 more secure?

· 100% offline
· There is no Bluetooth, wifi, NFC, USB or any other radio frequency on the SafePal wallet. SafePal S1 only interacts with the SafePal App through an encrypted QR code.
· Dual chip architect
· The S1 is embedded with an independent EAL5+ encryption element, keeping your private key top-notch security.

Anti-forgery mechanism

· Inside the S1 there are self-destruct and data erasure mechanisms. When any software or physical attack is detected by multiple sensors, the wallet will initiate a self-protection mechanism, the self-destruct mechanism will delete the private key and all wallet data, keeping the private key private. Hackers don't get sensitive data, keeping your assets from being misplaced. hand.
· After the data is destroyed, you can restore the wallet on another SafePal wallet with the correct mnemonic phrase.
· Working mechanism between application and device
· In most cases, you may find SafePal App convenient enough in many cases, such as receiving funds, checking balances, adding/removing tokens, viewing transaction history, etc. And you will be surprised that you don't need to use SafePal S1 Hardware Wallet in some cases.
· This section explains the most frequently asked questions about how the SafePal S1 device works and the SafePal App.
For a great hardware wallet like SafePal S1, multi-currency support is always our top priority and also the part most frequently asked by SafePal users. This section explains the currencies that SafePal already supports and our roadmap for future currency support. There are also basic features like adding or removing coins introduced in this section.
If you cannot find the answer you need here, let us know at to submit a request and we will update the content as soon as possible.
Hope you enjoy the safest and easiest crypto life empowered by SafePal.

What tokens does SafePal support?

Currently, SafePal supports 21 blockchains and more than 15,000 tokens as below:
· ERC20 Token | BEP2 Token | Tokens TRC10, TRC20
· NEP-5 Token | EOS-token | XLM Token | Vechain token

Mnemonic phrase

The mnemonic phrase and the private key are proof of ownership of the crypto asset. Once someone gets hold of your mnemonic or private key, they can practically take control of your entire property. Always keep them in safe locations.

Difference between private key and mnemonic phrase.

· In short, a set of mnemonic phrases is an unencrypted private key.
· The private key is usually a string of 64 hexadecimal characters.
· Here is a typical private key: afdfd9c3d2095ef696594f6cedcae59e72dcd697e2a7521b1578140422a4f890
· A mnemonic phrase, on the other hand, is a set of 12/18/24 words, which is easier to read, write, and back up.
· With one of them, you can access your crypto assets.
· Whichever you choose to use, we strongly recommend keeping it in safe locations.

How to use mnemonic phrases safely?

· The mnemonic is an unencrypted private key. If someone gets hold of your mnemonic phrase, that is tantamount to taking control of your crypto assets.
· When using an easy-to-remember phrase, pay attention to these tips:
· There will be 3 types of SafePal mnemonic phrases: 12/set, 18/set and 24/set. The longer the mnemonic phrase, the more secure your private key is.
· During the creation of a new wallet, to ensure that the backup mnemonic is correct, read it over and over again.
· When backing up your mnemonic, we strongly recommend using a physical medium, such as writing on a mnemonic phrase card. You can also keep multiple backups of it.
· For security, DO NOT take a picture of your phrase.
· Make sure the mnemonic is kept in secure offline locations where no one can get their hands on it, such as a safe.
· What if my mnemonic phrase is leaked or lost?
· The mnemonic is an unencrypted private key. Anyone who knows your catchy phrase can take away your crypto assets.
· SafePal will not read or store your mnemonic, so we cannot help get your content back when your mnemonic is leaked or lost.

What is the security suffix?

· Security suffix is a security feature added from Application version 1.2.0 and firmware version 1.0.12. It is a combination of 3 characters (alphabets and numbers) used to prevent an attack scenario where someone besides the user resets the hardware wallet without the owner recognizing it. Once the SafePal device is paired with the SafePal App, the security suffix will be updated and displayed in the App.
· The security suffix is generated based on the device information and mnemonic phrase inside the hardware wallet. This suffix is unique to all SafePal devices and serves as a means of identifying an acquaintance attack. When the wallet is reset and the new mnemonic phrase generated by TRNG (True Random Number Generator) is embedded, the security suffix will change and therefore the wallet owner will notice that the wallet information has been changed.
· Remember your unique security suffix. If you notice that the suffix is changed, for asset security, please reset this device and restore your wallet with the correct mnemonic phrase.

Safe upgrade process

Firmware upgrades are an important feature to ensure every SafePal user can access the latest product features or newly added currencies.
SafePal S1 is embedded with a firmware verification program to check the authenticity of any uploaded firmware. And the device only runs official firmware released through the official SafePal website. If any malware is loaded onto the device, the device will display a warning.
Please always download the SafePal firmware from the official website.
Advanced authentication and privacy features
SafePal S1 will ask for PIN verification, before firmware upgrade or when viewing content information for the first time after each boot

Downgrade limit

SafePal only supports firmware upgrade instead of a downgrade, thus protecting any potential attack from the lower version.
· Anti-forgery mechanism
During each SafePal S1 boot, the multi-verification mechanism embedded in SafePal S1 validates the complete program. If any unauthorized change is detected during this process, even a single byte, the device will not be able to boot normally, thus preventing any potential attacks from the supply chain response or logistics scenarios.

Purpose of security password

Secure Password is an advanced security feature for:
one. against the attack of acquaintances
If someone near you (be it a friend, colleague or passenger) steals your mobile phone and re-pairs the App with their S1 hardware wallet and sets your mobile back to the original location, next you can receive the money without noticing App has been paired with another device.
On the new version with a secure password, users will need to enter the security password before pairing the App with the S1 hardware wallet.
Please note that the attack mentioned above is a very rare case, as someone who steals your mobile phone must first at least jailbreak your mobile phone, while also possessing the hardware wallet. SafePal S1 hard drive that you don't notice someone taking away your cell phone for a while.
The chance of an attack that can happen is so small, we decided to take it seriously because security is never a trivial matter for SafePal.