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What is Safety?

Safety is a multi-network DeFi ecosystem developed on Binance Smart Chain and integrated on Safepal wallet.

How is Safety created?

Safety is built on the Crosschain technology leverage of Safepal wallet platform and optimal scalability of Binance Smart Chain.

What does Safety create?

Safety creates products that are completely decentralized and work easily on different Blockchain networks.

Safety brand meaning?

Safety is researched based on community experience when encountering inconveniences when trading on the cryptocurrency market because there are too many Blockchains, when generating transactions on each Blockchain, users need to install similar cryptocurrency wallets. This response sometimes causes loss of assets and limits the speed of transactions. Therefore, Safety was born to create a more user-friendly and easy experience for the community.

Vision that Safety is aiming for?

Safety develops wallets and hopes to become the organization to connect and develop the large user community for Safepal in Asia with Safepal's code compliance and marketing affiliate program.

Safety Mission?

Safety builds a multi-network Defi ecosystem around Safepal that brings a new experience that is suitable for the majority of users, creates sustainable community value and unlimited revenue sharing.

Safety value brings to the community?

Improved barriers to entering transactions, faster and more efficient connections to different Blockchain networks.

Information about the Seedround sale round?

"SFT token first sale program for angel investors
Distribution time: August 30, 2021.
Number of SFTs sold: 35,000,000 .
Opening price: $0.01/SFT."

Information about the Private Sale round?

"The SFT token open sale program creates the foundation for the development of the ecosystem
Distribution Time: September 20, 2021.
Number of SFTs sold: 25,000,000 .
Opening price: $0.013/SFT."

Information about the Presale round?

"SFT token sale open program before community launch
Distribution time: 10/10/2021.
Number of SFTs sold: 25,000,000 .
Opening price: $0.015/SFT."

Information about the Public Sale?

"SFT token sale open program before community launch
Distribution time: 30/10/2021.
Number of SFTs sold: 110,000,000 .
Opening price: $0.025/SFT."
Information about the Airdrop?
"Community Free SFT Token Distribution Program
Distribution Time: 04/09/2021.
Number of distributed SFTs: 5,000,000 ."

What is SFT token?

SFT is the governance token of the Safety ecosystem. Users can use SFT to participate in profitable platforms and are used to incentivize traders through direct distribution to liquidity providers. In addition, it is also a valuable reward for community developers.

Total supply of SFT tokens?

The total supply of SFT tokens is limited to 500,000,000 SFT.

How is the SFT token built?

SFTtoken is built on top of Binance Smart Chain's BEP20.

Selling price of SFT token?

The selling price of SFT tokens will change through the distribution stages: Seedround stage is $0.01, Private sale stage is $0.013, Presale stage is $0.015 and community launch is $0.025.

Distribution of SFT tokens?

SFT tokens will be distributed through 5 predetermined stages including: Seedround, Private sale, Presale, Public sale and Airdop.

When will SFT tokens go on sale?

SFT tokens will be sold widely through Presale and Public rounds.

Why own SFT token?

SFT token holders will become shareholders of the Safety platform and continuously receive the value of profits that the ecosystem brings.

How to sell SFT tokens?

SFT tokens can be used for community development or swapped in Safety Swap.

How to use SFT token?

SFT token is used as an energy source for the ecosystem and a circulating investment value in the community.

Which wallet should I use to join Safety?

Safepal wallet is best suited to join the Safety ecosystem.

How are SFT tokens allocated?

"Seedround: 7%
Private Sale: 7%
Pre-Sales: 5%
Public Sale: 22%
Airdrop: 1%
Advisor: 5%
Technical: 10%
Ecosystem: 15%
Reserve Funding: 10%
Marketing: 20%"

How is transparency reflected in Safety?

Safety applies a system of many distributed ledgers that record all transactions on the system and store them on the Blockchain, ensuring transparency and data integrity.

Is Safety safe?

Safety is secured and audited by Certik

Where to check Safety's transaction?

Users can check the transaction of Safety on

What is Safety Staking?

Safety Staking is a platform that allows users to mine SFT tokens on Binance Smart Chain with the Proof of Stake (POS) algorithm, the number of tokens mined will depend on the number of SFT tokens that were previously staked.

What do you get when participating in Safety Staking?

Get up to 10% monthly SFT amount. Moreover, this is an easy way to get passive income. In addition, Safety's staking mechanism allows users to pledge their balances in the form of votes, whose voting power is proportional to the amount of tokens held.

Who can join Staking?

Anyone who wants to create sustainable profits and shareholder interests.

How to join Safety Staking?

You just need to install Safepal wallet and log in to the Staking platform through the Dapp section of the wallet.

How does Safety Staking work?

Safety Staking works based on the Proof of Stake algorithm, also known as proof of equitization.

What is Safety Swap?

Safety Swap is a platform that allows users to easily swap tokens or coins into new coins or tokens across the Blockchain network.

How does Safety Swap work?

"Safety Swap allows users to trade reliably, peer-to-peer, with instant liquidity.
Safety Swap uses liquidity pools that collect tokens so that users can use them to make transactions in a decentralized way. To sum up the liquidity, the user-supplied funds must be divided equally between the two coins: master token and base token."

How to join Safety Swap?

You just need to install Safepal wallet and log in to the Swap platform through the Dapp section of the wallet.

Who can join the Safety Swap?

Anyone wishing to swap tokens or coins on the Blockchain network.

What is Safety Farming?

Safety Farming is a form of users putting tokens into liquidity pools and then receiving corresponding rewards. Participating in Farming, users have the opportunity to receive higher profits than normal Staking and the amount of assets brought to the farm will be temporarily locked and reopened when the program ends.

How does Safety Farming work?

"Safety Farming is understood as an automated market maker. In Safety Farming, Liquidity Providers (LPs) provide liquidity to protocol pools that allow users to borrow, lend, or trade tokens.
The revenue generated from the liquidity pool is the transaction fee when the end user performs operations in the pool. This revenue will be divided among the LPs according to the percentage they have provided in the pool."

Who can join Safety Farming?

Any investor who wishes to provide liquidity and enjoy profits based on revenue share.
How to join Safety Farming? You just need to install Safepal wallet and log in to the Farming platform through the Dapp section of the wallet.

What are Safety NFTs?

The first NFT application that Safety deploys is a game, where all items and characters will be digitized in the form of NFTs that can be exchanged or traded between players.

How do Safety NFTs work?

NFTs are specialized digital items that cannot be replaced or deleted.

Who can join Safety NFTs?

Anyone wishing to make a profit from buying and selling NFTs from the game.

How to join Safety NFTs?

You just need to install Safepal wallet and log in to the NFT game platform through the Dapp section of the wallet.

Is it possible to make money from Safety NFTs?

NFTs are the new trend of Blockchain technology and have seen huge investment capital invested. Therefore, NFTs are the most suitable tool at this time to increase profits.
Safety's development roadmap
"Jan 2021
Start of the Safety platform development.
May 2021
Research the market for better solutions.
Jul 2021
Platform design and technical demonstration.
Aug 2021
The first open sale program for the angel investors.
Sep 2021
Private Sale
The official pre-launch sale, creating momentum for future project development.
Free airdrop
Launch Staking
Oct 2021
Pre sale
The open sale program before the community launch.
Launch Swap/ ffarming
Nov 2021
Public sale
Launch NFTs
Nov 2021
Launch Staking"

Safety's Partner?

Safety's partners include: Binance Smart Chain, PancakeSwap, Poocoin app, Certik, Safepal.

What is Safepal?

Safepal is a user-friendly and secure digital asset management platform invested by Binance.

Development potential of Safepal?

Currently, Safepal is supporting more than 20 blockchains, more than 10,000 tokens and is present in over 100 countries. Safepal always supports developers, partners and the community to build an ecosystem around. In the future, Safepal will develop more new features including Safety Earn which is DeFi's profit aggregator and CeFi to help users earn more profit by holding crypto assets.

Why did Safety choose to develop Dapp on Safepal?

Safety wishes to inherit the technological leverage and multi-network connectivity that Safepal built to serve as a stepping stone for the ecosystem. Shorten community development time and reduce risks when participating in transactions.

What benefits does the combination of Safety and Safepal bring?

Safety is oriented to become an organization to develop and connect the Safepal user community in Asia, so the community participating in both these platforms will inherit the benefits that partners bring and easily connect with users globally.
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