Farms allow users to earn SFT while supporting SFT Swap by staking LP Tokens.
An important part of the distribution of SFT tokens to our community is the inclusion of agricultural rewards for those who use our platform. These rewards will run for one year from launch aiming to distribute 200,000,000 SFT during this time.
Vault users can complete an extra step to 'increase' rewards for specific vaults. These vaults are identified by the 'Boosted' tag. This will allow users to not only make big profits in the vault but also add to this with SFT tokens.
Learn how to find Farm smart contracts:
Productive Farming may offer better rewards than Syrup Pools, but it comes with the risk of permanent loss. It's not as scary as you think, but you should learn about the concept before you start.
Calculate the reward
Profit Farm APR calculation includes both rewards earned through providing liquidity and rewards earned for staking LP Tokens in the Farm.
Previously, the rewards earned by LP Token holders from trading fees were not included in the Farm APR calculation. APR calculations now include these rewards and better reflect the expected APR for Farm pairs.