Core group: A Safety Pool contract object- this is the actual "base" pool that holds the tokens
Surplus: The total token balance of a pool. No mention of any user balance
Denorm: Abnormal weight. Weights on DPool, although usually displayed as a percentage, are configured and stored in their denormalized form. Eg: In a group of two tokens with denormalized weights of A=38 and B=2, the percentage of token A would be 38/(38+2) or 95%. On the contrary, the ratio of token B will be 2 / (38 + 2) or 5%. This will be carried out and implemented in the fair phase and smart contract generation, In the farming development phase, we apply this method to liquidity to create balance in the market.
During the development phase, the operator: "Owner" of the pool; an address can call the CONTROL capabilities.
Factory: The official SFTfPool factory. Pools deployed from this factory appear on Safety's user interface (e.g.: Safetyswap and SafetyPool Manager).